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Our company

Holmberg Brands is a company specialised in the design, import, and retail of clothing items. In addition to garments, we produce and import shoes, bags, and interior design products. The most important cornerstones of our operation are expertise, speed, and flexibility. Our strengths are our extensive experience in the field and genuine will to serve our customers.

The history of our company began in Naantali in 1993, when Arne and Mirja Holmberg decided to become a partner for their customers and make top-quality, well-sized, and reasonably priced products available to the consumers. This marked the start for A&M Holmberg Oy, which later became Markkinointi Holmberg Oy, and is currently known as Holmberg Brands.

In 2017, the Finnish private equity company Folmer Management Oy became the majority owner of Holmberg Brands, with the aim of developing and expanding the company in collaboration with its personnel.

Our selection includes a number of private labels, polished into complete concepts. In addition, we are the Finnish representative for several international top brands. We are also an innovative and reliable partner for our customers who want to design, product or import their own brands. We have the skill to combine global trends with perfect sizing to produce items that fit the customer in the best possible way.

Our most important individual distributors are large retail chains with stores all over Finland. We are also actively trading in the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region.

At Holmberg Brands, our customers have at their disposal the entire combined knowledge base that our skilled employees have of manufacturing products and collections and introducing them to the market. Our supplier network consists of reliable operators with a long history of collaborating with Holmberg Brands. We can provide our customers with collections in a manner that highlights competitiveness and security of supply, even in situations where agility and quick responses are of the essence.


Holmberg Brands is constantly monitoring and developing its operations in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner. We comply with the relevant laws and international norms, and require our suppliers to follow the same operating principles.

Our products are primarily manufactured in Turkey, England, China, and Bangladesh. As our partners, we have selected only factories and subcontractors that meet the above-mentioned requirement.

Holmberg Brands is a member of the amfori BSCI association. BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) aims to promote safe, healthy, and ethically acceptable production conditions all over the world. The BSCI programme includes features such as impartial audits in the suppliers’ facilities, which has made production activities more transparent and improved the working conditions of employees.

In Bangladesh, we are one of the Finnish signatories of the Accord agreement (Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh). Accord performs regular fire and safety inspections in production facilities, monitors renovation work and provides factory employees with training and guidance related to occupational safety.

Product safety

We take responsibility for risk management related to harmful substances by complying with the EU’s REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). In accordance with the REACH Regulation, all of the products and packages of Holmberg Brands are free of chemicals that could be harmful to humans and the environment, and our metallic buttons, zippers and other items do not contain nickel, cadmium or other heavy metals.

Career at Holmberg Brands

We are not actively looking for new employees at the moment, but we are always interested in promising new talents. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you feel you have something great to offer.

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