Our Company

Holmberg is a company dedicated to the design, import and resale of womens, mens and childrens clothes. In addition to clothes, we produce and import shoes, jewellery, cosmetics and home textiles. The cornerstones of our operations are expertise, speed and flexibility. Our total revenue in 2014 was approximately 10 million euros.

Our family-owned company has its roots in Naantali in the year 1993 when worldly-wise Arne and Mirja Holmberg wanted to become a safe partner for their customers and in return bring high-quality, rightsized and affordable clothes available to consumers. This was the beginning of A&M Holmberg Oy and later Markkinointi Holmberg Oy established to support cosmetics, shoes and jewellery business. Today, A&M Holmberg and Markkinointi Holmberg are both part of Holmberg Group.

We provide a range of own brands that are designed to ready concepts such as koneHELSINKI, Pierre Cavallo, Kiada and Merlyn.

We also are an innovative and reliable partner in design, production and import of our customers’ private labels. We have a talent to combine the world’s trends with the sizing that suit the customers best.

Our important individual retailers include Kesko Oyj, Tokmanni Group, Kokkolan Halpa-Halli Oy and Inex Partners whose retail network covers effectively the whole Finland. We do business also in Nordic Countries and the Baltic Sea area.

Our company with good financial standing functions with our compact and experienced personnel. We provide our customers extensive knowledge on the production and launching of products and collections. Thanks to our reliable production contacts around the world we can produce collections flexibly and reliably e.g. to festive seasons and to other occasions that require quick reacting.

Our Values

At Holmberg Group we respect certain values that direct our daily operations.


We have a flat organization which enables us to act flexibly and make quick decisions.

Customer orientation

We cooperate closely with our customers and partners.


We are a well-established partner and a safe employer.

Social responsibility

We aim at taking financial, social and environmental responsibility into account in all our operations.


We launch innovative solutions to be available to all people.

Humane approach

We are empathetic and support and encourage all the people working with us.


To produce additional value to our partners in a responsible and profitable way.


To be a solid and significant partner.


To be a pioneer in the supply of collections and products with competitive prices and to produce additional value to our partners.


We monitor and develop constantly our operations in a socially responsible way. We follow laws and international norms and require our subcontractors to follow the same operational principles.

Supervision of Social Responsibility

We do not own factories but our products are manufactured mainly in Turkey, England, China and Bangladesh. We have selected as our partners factories and subcontractors that follow the same laws and international norms as we do.

We are a member of BSCI. BSCI or Business Social Compliance Initiative aims at promoting safe, healthy and ethically acceptable production conditions worldwide. The programme includes e.g. tours of inspection in the suppliers’ premises. Thanks to this, production operations have become more transparent and employees' work conditions ever better.

We are one of the three Finnish members of ACCORD in Bangladesh. ACCORD verifies occupational safety in production buildings, controls possible renovations of the buildings and trains and primes employees for safety at work.

Product Safety

We are responsible for the risk management of hazardous substancies by following the REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) created by EU. In compliance with REACH any of our products or packages do not contain chemicals that are harmful for environment or humans and e.g. metal buttons or zips do not contain nickel, cadmium or other heavy metals.

We use environmentally friendly Superdry dehydrators in all shipments instead of general dehydrators containing formaldehyde.

Animal Rights

We have committed ourselves to take animal rights into account. Our imported cosmetic products have not been tested on animals. Every subcontractor must commit themselves to follow the rules and operational principles in compliance with the Code of Conduct which require ethical treatment of animals.


Career at Holmberg Group

Currently we are not looking for new employees but we are always interested in promising new talents. Do not hesitate to contact us when you feel that you have something to offer.